The Climbing Ring

This simple magic trick for kids is so easy that you might feel silly once you get it:
Easy magic tricks: Climbing ring on a rubber band.Step 1: Preparation: Cut a rubber band in half so that it is a single long string.
Step 2: Performance: The child will explain to the audience that he has been developing the power of his mind and has been able to move small objects using nothing more than his mental power. He can say that rings have been the ones with the best success, and he can ask someone in the crowd for any kind of ring.
Step 3: Performance: Your child will thread the rubber band through the ring, and will grab the ends of the rubber band with both hands thus holding out the rubber band (without it being actually stretched).
Step 4: Performance: This is the tricky part: your child needs to grab the rubber band with his index finger directly in the middle of the band and stretch it out as he is appearing to grab the ends with his thumb. If he gets this right, the rubber band will be stretched out but appear as if it were normal to the audience.
Step 5 Performance: As he tells the audience that he is going to move the ring with his mind, have him make a “concentrated” face as he lets go of the rubber band slowly. The weight of the ring will hold it in place as the rubber band contracts, but it will appear to climb as the rubber band is allowed to go slack.
Sounds easy, but such magic tricks for kids take a lot of practice to grab the rubber band in the middle while appearing to grab its ends.
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